03 May 2017

Dorking Cycling Club has raised over £8,300 for charity since it was re-founded in 2011.

The club supported VICTA (Visually Impaired Children Taking Action) until the 2013 AGM, where it was decided that club members should propose and vote for a new charity each year.

Money is raised throughout the year at events such as a spring treasure hunt, summer barbecue and Christmas dinner party, all organised by the Club's Social Committee.

All profits from club kit and other club merchandise sold at Head for the Hills is donated to the club charity. 

2017/18 Charity - AMBER FOUNDATION

Amber aim to help homeless, unemployed young people move on to positive, independent futures.

Previous Charities

2016/17 Charity - Patchworking Garden Project

£2,500 Donated

Plus £1,200 raised by the Everesting Challenge organised by Jim Ford



2015/16 Charity - Disability Challengers

Total of £2,825 Donated

(£2,500 from Club and £325 member's cheques paid directly)

2014/2015 The Children's Trust

£1,500 Donated

2011-2014 Victa

£1,477 Donated



    Dorking CC, I am contacting you with regards to an exciting study looking at training and cognitive function in cyclists. We are looking for participants who are motivated cyclists between the age of ...

  2. Newdigate Handicap Road Race - Thursday 13 July 2017

    Yes, I'll help.  Happy to do whatever - marshalling, signs, driving (I'm a BC member) etc.  Fine for me to get there early as well, from 5:30 onwards.   And I hope that sunshine has been ordered as...

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