02 May 2016

Club Constitution

The Club Constitution identifies the purpose of Dorking Cycling Club and how the club is managed.

Club Constitution

Code of Conduct

We want Dorking Cycling Club to remain a safe and friendly place for people to enjoy themselves regardless of age, race, religion or disability. As a member of the British Cycling Association we support and employ the code of conduct set out in their constitution.

As a member of Dorking Cycling Club you will need to understand the code of conduct and ensure that we, as a club, stick to it. Please read the following British Cycling documents:-

British Cycling - Code of Conduct

British Cycling - Equality Policy

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment provides a comprehensive review of the risks involved in cycling in groups and cycling in general. Actions to mitigate the risks identified are provided and all members of the club should put these into practice where appropriate. 

Risk Assessment

Group Allocation

Please print out, fill in and bring this form along for your first ride.

Group Allocation



    Dorking CC, I am contacting you with regards to an exciting study looking at training and cognitive function in cyclists. We are looking for participants who are motivated cyclists between the age of ...

  2. Newdigate Handicap Road Race - Thursday 13 July 2017

    Yes, I'll help.  Happy to do whatever - marshalling, signs, driving (I'm a BC member) etc.  Fine for me to get there early as well, from 5:30 onwards.   And I hope that sunshine has been ordered as...

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