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  1. Club Night Rollapaluza - Friday 2 March

    Will be up for that if knee allows.

  2. D2 evening rides

    How about having a D2 chaingang group joing our Wednesday Night Blast groups, meet 7pm Waitrose with food and beer after for £12.Your group would go off first and the faster groups would follow at 3 ...

  3. Club TT Championship 2017

    52 miles away and 0630 start, no chance. Thursday Redmon anyone?

  4. Anyone know the driver of CA02HPV?

    ring 101 and complain to the useless bar stewards

  5. Herne Hill Track

    i'm out, got knee op on the 9th now

  6. Anyone know the driver of CA02HPV?

    reported it?

  7. Club TT Championship 2017

    ah yes, soz, just noticed :-)

  8. Club TT Championship 2017

  9. Dorking vs Norwood Paragon Inter Club TT 20th June 2017

    ok, we're getting there about 6.30 to have a carb load pint beforehand

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