Road Racing

07 Mar 2016

Dorking Cycling Club already has a number of cyclists racing in Surrey League race events. Getting involved in racing is relatively straight forward, everyone starts at the bottom and with time they develop and improve until they make their way to the top.

Riders are categorised based on their racing ability. For that reason, all new racers start in Category 4 and accumulate points for finishing in a good position. Once these points reach the required level they will go up a category, eventually reach the Elite category. For a Category 4 rider to become a Category 3 rider they must have a total of 10 points. Once you become a Category 3 rider you remain in that position, however if you progress all the way to Category 2 then you will need enough points the following season to remain in Category 2. The higher the category, the more races are available to you.

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    Dorking CC, I am contacting you with regards to an exciting study looking at training and cognitive function in cyclists. We are looking for participants who are motivated cyclists between the age of ...

  2. Newdigate Handicap Road Race - Thursday 13 July 2017

    Yes, I'll help.  Happy to do whatever - marshalling, signs, driving (I'm a BC member) etc.  Fine for me to get there early as well, from 5:30 onwards.   And I hope that sunshine has been ordered as...

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