Ride Groups

31 Jan 2016

At Dorking Cycling Club members can choose which group they wish to ride with based on their ability and how they feel on the day. There is no obligation to stick with a particular group, in fact we encourage members to try different groups top get to know more people in the club.

The groups are organised using a numbered system starting at D1 - the lowest pace, and ending at D6 - the fastest.
All riders MUST read and understand the everything on the Safety Points page before riding with us.

D1 - Upto 12mph

D1's cycling pace is a more gentle ride and so an excellent way to develop your cycling fitness. It will cover a distance of 20 plus miles each Sunday in the local area. Hill climbs will not be a particular feature of this group but please bare in mind the local terrain is not flat! The group will always wait for others to catch up at key points. As with the other groups there is a focus on safety and respect for other road users.

D2 - 12 - 14mph

D2 is an ideal group for those with some experience of riding as a club who wish to develop their skills further. The average distance is around 27 miles with a few interesting hill climbs such as, Boxhill, Ranmore and Leith Hill. The focus is on supporting each other's cycling development and will re-group at certain key points and make sure everyone is ok. As with the other groups there is a focus on safety and respect for other road users.

D3 - 14 - 16mph

D3 is a natural progression from D2. The length of ride will be similar just ridden at a slightly higher average speed. We'll always try to ride as a group, the emphasis is on having an enjoyable and safe ride. No one is left behind!

D4 - 16 - 18mph

D4 routes are usually between 35 - 40 miles in length. The ride with D4 increases the intensity over those with the D3 group, offering the D3 riders an opportunity to push themselves that bit harder. The D4 group is occasionally joined by riders from D5 and D6, looking for a respite, or tapering for an event. As with all the groups, D4 is intended to be a fun, friendly and challenging group that rides safely and considerately for all road users.

D5 - 18mph+

D5 is for experienced riders, over interesting and challenging terrain, usually hilly and at times technical. The emphasis is on riding cohesively as a unit, at a high tempo. Everyone is encouraged to share the responsibility of riding at the front of the group, to contribute to maintaining the pace and flow of the ride. Distances start from 40 miles with regular longer rides as the season progresses.

D6 20mph+

D6 is to help those who want to race. An average speed of 20mph plus. For about 40-50 miles. Fast, intense, smooth but with moments of real power. Anticipation, awareness and concentration. As with all of our groups, the safety of each individual and all other road users is the most important consideration at every single moment of the ride.


  1. Dorking Hardriders TT - Volunteering Thread - Sunday 11th March

    Sorry I won’t be able to help, hopefully busting a lung riding.

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