Sportive Challenge

08 May 2017


What is it?

  • Seven events starting in March 2017 and finishing in October 2017
  • Participate in as many or as few as you like
  • Prizes awarded for overall winner, D Group winners, top female, top junior

Current Standings

Chris Williamson 3 56 1
Russell Johnson 2 44 2
John Parker 2 28 3
Charlotte Craig 1 20 4

 Points are awarded as follows

  1. Participation
  2. Weighted points award according to the D Group speed you usually cycle at – determined from your average speed for 2016 from Strava
  3. Time taken   

Participation – entry and completion = 10 points

Group Weighting

  Short Standard Epic
D1 or D2: up to 14mph 2 5 10
D3 or D4: 14 to 18mph 0 2 5
D5 or D6: over 18mph 0 0 2

Time award – will be taken from your certificate awarded by the sportive organiser.

Grading as per sportive awards:-

  • Gold time = 10 points
  • Silver time = 5 points
  • Bronze time = 2 points 


  • A D2 rider completing a Standard course in Bronze time would acquire (10+5+2) 17 points
  • A D5 rider completing an Epic course in Gold time would acquire (10+2+10) 22 points

Dates for your diary

11th March - Ups and Downs - Cranleigh

8th April or 9th April - New Forest - Somerley House, Ringwood

20th May - Surrey Hills Cyclone - Lingfield Racecourse -

3rd June - Gran Fondo West Sussex - Fontwell Racecourse

1st July - New Forest Brewin Dolphin - Gang Warily, Fawley

13th August - Sussex/Surrey Scramble - Pulborough

8th October - Box Hill Original - Cranleigh  

 How do I get involved?

  • Sign-up for the events
  • Ensure that you’re a paid-up member of DCC
  • Check your average speed for 2016 from Strava  
  • Advise the organiser -
  • Send the organiser copies of your finisher certificates
  • The organiser will do the rest in terms of points awards and update the league table on the club website



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  2. Newdigate Handicap Road Race - Thursday 13 July 2017

    Yes, I'll help.  Happy to do whatever - marshalling, signs, driving (I'm a BC member) etc.  Fine for me to get there early as well, from 5:30 onwards.   And I hope that sunshine has been ordered as...

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