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Club Awards 2021

Club Member of the Year 2021 - Chris Williamson

Chris joined the Club in 2012 and despite being a more than capable D3 rider, for most of that time he has taken on the responsibility of organising and leading the Club’s D1 rides. Chris is often the first face of DCC that potential members meet and he puts safety first, is diligent, patient and encouraging. Once riders are good enough he is happy enough to push them up to D2. Many existing members have had this experience.

In 2021 Chris also stepped up and organised video sessions on ride leading and route planning, and in the summer, together with Glenn Cornish, ran what became known as Taster Rides - Sunday afternoon sessions (following the morning ride) for prospective members below the D1 level of ability. This introduced several new members to the Club.

Chris fully deserves the award, not only for what he has done over one year, but for what he has done over many years.

Chairman's Pick
Three very subjective awards for cycling achievements in 2021 were also given to:

Gold Medal & Bottle of Champagne - Bryan Butterworth for Land's End to John o Groats in 4.5 days
Silver Medal & Bottle of Wine - Mike Faulkener for achieving Cat 3 in first year of racing
Bronze Medal & Bottle of Beer - Dharmesh Bhatt & Glenn Cornish for Chase the Sun

Club Awards 2021: News & Updates
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