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Club rides

Dorking CC has five Road riding groups as well as Gravel/CX and MTB groups.

Sunday Club road rides leave at various times, normally between 8:00 and 9:00, from Dorking Sports Centre.  These are non-drop rides, so you won't be left behind.  Ride length varies, but are usually 2 hours upwards.  Average speed for the Road groups are:

D1* - 10mph to 12mph

D2* - 12 mph to 14 mph

D3 - 14 mph to 16 mph

D4 - 16 mph to 18 mph

D5 - over 18 mph

suitable for road & hybrid bikes

Club rides & Membership: About

Join us on a Club Ride

You are welcome to join us for a Club ride or two before deciding whether to join the Club. To do so please contact Neil James and he will allocate you to an appropriate group ride. As part of this, can you please complete our Rider Group Allocation Form and include it in your email to Neil.

If it is your first ride with us, please can you read the following pages and documents as well as understanding the Highway Code:

Or, if you're not sure about Group Riding, join us for a Taster Ride

Club rides & Membership: About


The membership year runs from 1 April to end March and costs:

  • Junior* £10 per annum

  • Individual £20 p.a.

  • Family £30 p.a.

* We welcome Junior members.  If you are Under 18 we will need parental consent when you join the Club.  If you are under 16 then you will also need a 'nominated rider' (a member of the Club who you know) who will accompany you on group rides.

TO JOIN DCC, clink the button below and you will be redirected to our third party membership site Membermojo: 

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Club rides & Membership: About
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